Let’s Become Successful

  • Success and good leadership is about service.
  • Leadership comes at a great sacrifice.
  • You are not in charge, you are responsible for those in your charge.
  • When things go right you have to give away the credit, and when things to wrong you have to take all the responsibility.
  • Some people see the thing that they want and some people see the thing that prevents them from seeing the thing that they want.
  • You cannot get in the way of somebody else of getting what they want.
  • Infinite players play to be better than themselves.
  • You are your competition.
  • Empathy and perspective are key leadership skills
  • The real job of a leader is taking care of those in our charge.
  • What is your priority?
  • Being concerned about the human being, not just about their output.
  • Create a safe environment
  • How do I help my people be at their natural best?
  • We don’t always have to be right.
  • It’s not always about winning and losing.
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